With the rise of suburban living and in order to meet the demand for modern lifestyle, ‘EXOTIC VILLAS' is designer homes that are an expression of owner's true selves, their selves, their aspirations and expectations. These are homes that are vibrant with the spirit of well being and possess a unique flamboyant zeal to relish life. These are the homes that include virtually every feature the owner would wish to have and the homes their occupants are truly proud to own. Located at 4Km form Tambaram Camp Road Junction which is considered to be a satellite town as well as known for educational institutions.

'EXOTIC VILLAS' is a place where you not only discover blends of elegance but a place where nature and architecture are in perfect harmony. So it's no surprise that it is also a perfect place to unwind after a hard day's work. Its serene surroundings not only put you in a pleasant mood but also revitalize your soul. So go ahead indulge while still feeling completely at home.


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